Kurt Tretter, Technical Sales Manager, Dubois Equipment Company Kurt Tretter, Technical Sales Manager
Whether something is perfect can be a matter of debate, but inarguably, there is a fair degree of fascination associated with perfection. Since 1867, Dubois Equipment Company, an industry leader in automated material finishing equipment, has been striving to reach perfection with every successive project it has undertaken. The capital equipment manufacturer understands that when customers invest in finishing equipment and systems, they count on them for optimal performance and reliability coupled with long service life. Catering to this need, Dubois offers its systems, built with high quality and widely available components combined with consistent support from its team. As the firm is based in mid-west USA, there is quick response and prompt availability of replacement parts from local suppliers in the event of a rarely occurring component failure, thus saving the clients costly downtime. This is where Dubois has taken the market by storm. “Our customers give us feedback on how reliable our equipment is,” begins Kurt Tretter, Technical Sales Manager at Dubois.

Although Dubois Equipment offers standard off-the-shelf solutions, these solutions do not fit every customer’s requirements. For these circumstances, it offers them customized pieces of quality equipment. In either case, the equipment produces flawless finishes run after the run while ensuring productivity and profitability. This has been made possible by the continuous efforts of the team at Dubois, comprising experts with over 20-40 years of experience, who design and develop a variety of finishing, coating, sanding, and curing equipment. They manufacture finishing and coating systems for wood and non-wood surfaces that meet the customers’ current needs and are adaptable to address their future requirements.

The Dubois’ team has expertise in serving various realms of the manufacturing industry. For instance, apart from adding perfect finishes to wooden products, it is coating specialty materials such as mirrors, glass, steel tubing, doors, windows, and more. Speaking about the current market scenario, Tretter says, “The residential housing market is really taking off, so there are a lot of products such as trim, mouldings, and flooring, in the wood market, that need to be coated and finished, and they’re looking for complete systems to do that.”

For example, there is roll coating equipment that is widely used for the application of liquid adhesives, oils, paints, varnishes, and clear coatings on different materials. If a component on the roll coating system fails, one can easily replace the faulty component, and the system will be back on track.
Adding another feather to Dubois’ cap are spray coating machines. They are in demand owing to the consistent fine finish that is achieved using various types of spray-guns. These machines can be fitted with a plethora of spray guns and pumps to suit the process requirements. Dubois supplies equipment ranging from simple lineal spray machines to completely automated systems that include precise electronic part detection, coating recovery, self-cleaning belt systems, and integrated control systems.

Our customers give us feedback on how reliable our equipment is

The firm’s machinery also specializes in imparting a wooden look to non-wood products. For instance, a wood-plastic composite material or a fiber cement material has to undergo decking, siding, or trim, and a stained or real wood look is desired on the material, the company leverages brushing and coating technology to accomplish the task. “It looks like a differentiated color scheme, like a piece of mahogany or oak. We can change the color from light to dark. It has been very successful in the field with people who want to get that wood look in building products,” affirms Tretter.

The list of the unique offerings by Dubois is quite exhaustive, however, the common feature binding them all together is the innovative mindset behind their development, which improves productivity and minimizes clean-up, maintenance, and downtime. The company even has its own R & D lab. All the finishing or coating systems and equipment are tested in the relevant client environment, thus allaying all the customers’ fears regarding deployment and functioning at the production site. Dubois’s empathetic approach largely benefits the clients, and it counts as one of the major factors behind how the company has sold products to most of the prime building product manufacturers.

Eyeing at new rainbows on its horizon of success, Dubois aims to broaden its list of offerings, including every type of finishing and coating equipment. “We’re also developing new systems, for the marketplace, windows and doors market, kitchen cabinet market, interior moulding and trim, exterior trim market,” states Tretter. With the unfailing trust of its customers on its side, Dubois is all set to revolutionize the world of coating and finishing equipment.